Agriculture Technology Management Agency

Under R.K.V.Y. Scheme Gramin Vikas Trust had obtain ATMA Project relating works in the year 2011-12 through institute 5 Agriculture expert and five fieed supervisor was appointed recruitment process of this staff has been publish on publicity in Banner showing advertisement any calling Biodata given Appointment letter to every staff.Gramin Vikas Trust institute during this Project worked in Banaskantha District Deesa Taluka, Total 38 and Dantiwada Taluka Total 20 Total works done in 58 villages for this milar and sum crops Block seely coonection with Sona jente Pvt. Ltd. Seeds Pvt. Ltd. And Akshay seeds company Pvt. Ltd.During this project through Agriculture expert given information to the farmer about necessary income relating information and given necessary fertilizer, seeds and insect medicine to the farmers make necessary Tea and snacks arrangement to the every participant farmers in one Block minimum 80 farmers gathering with project works have been done. During this whole project about 4640 forneeds through Milat seery crops more income, lees cost as per necessity given medicine and fertilizers useful information through expert staff and field supervisor through Gramin Vikas Trust.

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