HIV Testing and Counseling Center

M.O.U. has been conducted in Banaskantha District Amirgadh Taluka in Nidhi Clinic for (FICT) Project on dated 15th March 2010 through govt. of Gujarat Department of Aids control society. It is connected with Guj. Aids control Society NACO Ministry of health and family welfare, government ofIndia, Delhi.

Through this agreement N.A.C.O. Certified Facility Integranted counseling and Testing center (FICT) for HIV testing and counseling center organize by Rural development Trust has been run successfully in Nidhi Clinic since 2010 Amirgadh Taluka city and Rural and area of Rajasthan Aburoadpeople are taking benefits of this FICT Center.

Through govt. of Gujarat State Aids Control Dept. This Center provided Rapid HIV diagnostic kit C 3 different antigen / Principles every year Through this FICT center NACO is approved centre, once in a year as per requirement training has been given to centre staff in this center. As per NACO guideline necessary staffs have been recruited. Through councilor and laboratory technician indicial officer this center has been run successfully in this FICT centre necessary testing of B.P.L., Adiwasi, farm lasor class. People and done female patient testing.

In this FICT Center everyday about 2 to 3 pregnant Females HIV Testing is perform Through Medial officer of Nidhi clinic health check up of Pregnant Females have been done and given understanding to the every females through counselor of the center and also given necessary medicine, such us, calcium tablet, Iron tablet, folic acid tablet etc. medicines through medical officer. Called every pregnant females every month for health check up. Also care has been taken for the preservation of child during pregnancy and also taken care not to face any difficulty in delivery this center taken special care necessary medicines are given through the center and the rate has been kept normal and reasonable.

In FICT Center run by Nidhi clinic all the records of pregnant female Testing and other necessary information records have been kept and it is the records is verified every month through medical officer of the center, there after this records has been sent to the Amirgadh Taluka. C.H.C. Aids central Dept. and from C.H.C. Dept. online reporting has been done every month to goa of Gujarat Aids control Dept. During this if found HIV Positive to any pregnant
female started. ART Treatment to the said patient till the delivery of pregnant female not completed upto the total months ART Treatment has been provide this FICL Center, moreover to protect the pregnant female health, child born nutritious care has been taken through this FICT, Center.

In this center runt Nidhi Clinic make necessary arrangement of cleaness and atmosphere in Nidhi Clinic Ridham Biocide and through pollution control Board of Govt. of Guj. Approved Bio west Certificate has also received.

Disposal of this Bio west install Ridham Bioces unit through center using one time glover, Niddle suring, I.V. set etc. Primary necessity using one time it is disposes off through Biowest scientific system.

Thus Nidhi Clinic organize by Gramin Vikas Trust. It has been run successfully since 2010, in this clinic provide proper Diagnosis and treatment to the Adiwasi and poor pregnant females through Gramin Vikas Trust given free of cost diagnosis and treatment to the needy and poor patients.

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