Our Event & Programs

Save the Girl Child Campaign

In the month of August Gramin Vikas Trust has organized campaign with the object to aware and sensitize people with this burning issue. Number of Girls against boys is quite low in India as well as in Gujarat. Banaskantha district is also not except from the same. If the scenario does not change, it will create social chaos in the society in the coming years. Keeping in mind all these realities organized had started this campaign. To aware the society rallies were arranged in the Rural areas of Banaskantha. Lectures were also given.

Varmi Compost Seed Guidance Camp

India is a country where agriculture is the prime occupation in Rural area and about 70% of the people live in villages. India can develop if its villages develop and development of villages depends on the growth and progress of agriculture. People engaged in agricultural sector work hard but still do not get that much reward due to having lack of information and guidance. Farmers of Malan villages were eager to know about varmi compost and its use. So one camp was arranged at Community Hall and around 456 participants had joined the camp. Mr. Kirti Patel was the Resource Person and delivered lecture and gave the guidance to the farmer solved their queries and showed practical. 456 no. of beneficiaries took the benefit of the camp.

Handicapped Guidance Shibir

Disability is also a black part of society. Though disables are differently abled, they are ignored by the society. People have pity on them, very few of us think of their empowerment. Gramin Vikas Trust has organized Handicapped Guidance Shibir for two days. In that Mr. A.M. Patel was the resource person and 200 beneficiaries took the benefit. In the shibir, benefits and welfare schemes for them were discussed. Their issues and opportunities were also discussed.

Children Health Checking Camp

Health is one of the important aspects of any nation. Development can be measured through the level of health of its people. Healthy people can build develop nation. After getting independence Government is also trying to take care of health of the people. Many Health programs have also been implemented by the government. Children are the future of tomorrow and we should plan our future by providing them better health opportunity. Camp for free Hepatitis B vaccination was organized for the children of Tribal Ashram Shala. Health is a major issue in tribal community. No.500 of girls were vaccinated. Vaccines provide safety against disease thus it is a step towards advanced precaution. Dr. Dipak Chaudhary- President of the organization, Dr. Jagdish Thakor- a pediatrician, BHO, Medical Officer and the staff of Civil hospital remained present and contributed in the camp. At Nidhi Center, Managed by Gramin Vikas Trust, Every day poor, orphan and widows are provided free diagnostic and treatment. HIV testing and counseling center is also running.

Chiranjivi Yojana Guidance

To control MMR and IMR Government has implemented many welfare programs and Chiranjivi Yojana is one of them. To promote institutional deliveries and to have safe birth of the child this scheme is working in the rural area. But many of the rural poor are not aware with this. That is why they are not taking benefit even though the scheme is implemented for them. So guidance camp for rural women was arranged by Gramin Vikas Trust. 200 women participated in the camp and Dr. Dipak Chaudhari was resource person.

Social Sudharana Shibir

GVT has initiated shibir for community based organization and its members. The main theme was how to change over tradintional culture in global era. The content of shibir was like skill, various traditional thinking pattern and where we can change for better improvement of our life standard. There were 124 participant has been benefited about this shibir.

Check Dam Repairing Work

Gramin Vikas Trust is working for the overall and sustainable development of rural area. Water as an issue affect livelihood and routine life of the people. Check dams have been built up at rural area for the water need of the people which need repairing at regular intervals otherwise they can not be benefited. Since long time Check dams of Gadh villages have not been repaired or even checked and due to this people of respective villages were suffered. So 2 no. of check dams were checked and repaired.

Bharat Gunthan Training

Women empowerment as a concept and movement has also been started since last certain years. In ancient India women were enjoying higher status then with respect to changing in the time status also get up and down. But to make the women empowered, the first stage is to provide them income generating opportunities. Though no. of women in rural India they have engaged themselves in economical activities but all they have even not been noticed. So to make them able in engaging themselves in their selective income generating activities, they are provided different trainings by the organization. As a part of this program, one Bharat Guthan training was organized and 145 No. of participants took benefit.

Sewing Training Class

Sewing training is also one the step taken by the organization to able the women for starting income generating activities. So sewing training class was organized and 36 no of women took the benefit of the program and Ms. Diptiben Loh was the tutor for the training program.

Computer Training Class

Computer literacy has become essential part of today’s market. Computer has taken an important place in each and every place. So to increase the employability of the youth of rural area computer class was arranged for 30 days. 45 no. of youths participated in the class. Mr. Amit Patel has played the role of tutor. At the end of the program participants were given certificates. Basic computer literacy points like MS Word, Excel, Power point etc. were covered.

Tuition Class

Education is our first right. GVT has always favour for weak students who are coming from poor and marginalized segment. We were organized supplementary classes for the student for their overall improvement. There were 56 student get benefits of this program.

Adivashi Women Law Guidance

Women as a group in every society have remained a privileged group. In India also status of women has noticed different at different phase of time. To empower them Government has formed many social legislation and also implemented welfare programs. Unless women get the information about the same and take benefit, all the efforts will not have any impact. So to aware them with the legislation formed for them interactive session on Legislation guidance was arranged and 342 no. of women participated. Even some of the participants realize struggles that they have faced. Ms. Amisha Patel had encouraged rural women.

Tree Plantation

Degradation in environment again is a burning issue at global level. Global Warming, Acid rain, ozone depletion are few of them. Trees can save the earth from all the issues. Trees will help us to save the environment which will help us for safe future. If we do not take care of environment, we have to suffer in future as well. Tree plantation is one of the effort through which we can try to save the environment. Keeping in mind all these objects, organization has arranged tree plantation program. Community people also get involved in the program. Mr. K.L. Bhatol was the chief guest.

Village Cleaning

Health can be maintained through hygiene habits. Cleanliness is the first step for that. Though it is the responsibility of the Municipality and Panchayat at village level to maintain cleanliness, it is the individual’s duty to maintain the surrounding area clean. We can make our village clean through our own efforts. So, program of cleaning the village with the involvement of the village people was arranged. All the people of the village came out from their houses and joined in the campaign. They even have decided to make their village always clean.

Handicapped Service

To empower the disables, one camp was arranged to provide them different services which had included guidance to get disability certificate, link them with social welfare Board, provision of aids to them, guidance of their rights including reservation at different places. 231 no of disables came to the camp, get solved their queries and motivated to do something in their lives.

Blood donation Camp

Blood is essential for human life which cannot be produced even if technology has been so advanced. Due to many of the reasons human body needs blood. Such reasons can be thalesemia, accidents, women many times need blood at the time of pregnancy. By donating blood we can save human life. Keeping in mind this noble object organization in association with Civil Hospital Blood Bank organization had arranged Blood Donation Camp. 150 no. of donors donated blood in the camp. At village level one committee was also formed for emergency need of the rural people.

Animal Medicine Exp

Agriculture and animal husbandry both are prime occupation in rural India. Animals are live stock of people. Villagers take care of their animals just like their children as they are generating income also from that. Many a times animals are suffering from diseases which need to be cured. At village level they are not having facility of treating their animals. So organization had arranged one camp for treating the animals. Mr. N.P. Chaudhari had provided his services as veterinary doctor.

Save light Abhiyan

Energy is the source for human life as well as for the income generating activities of society. To save the energy is also our duty for safe future. Use of energy of different sources is increasing day by day. If we do not take care of that, we will have to suffer in future. So save electricity campaign has been started in different villages of Banaskantha district. Disar no of villages have been covered.

Adijati Women Shibbir

Multipurpose training program was initiated by the organization for the solution of different problems of the women and to develop them overall. Tribal Women are facing number of socio-cultural, physical and health related problems which need to be supported. So shibir for 2 days was organized by Gramin Vikas Trust.

Vyasan Mukti Camp

Bad habits of human being make the entire life struggle one. In rural area especially due to number of reasons get addicted to different bad habits. The same also affect to the health of the youth. Many people even get disease like cancer, T.B. etc. due to such habits, even their personal social and economical life affect due to such habits. So Vyasan mukti camp was arranged by the Gramin Vikas Trust. Lectures of doctors were arranged and with the help of posters, leaflet they were sensitized.

Health Guidance Sibir

Health is wealth. If one is physically healthy, one can be healthy mentally. So health is an important parameter of individual as well as national development. So one day shibir was organized for better health of people. They were given guidance for remaining healthy. Diet plan, exercise and general tips were discussed in the shibir. Mr. K.K. Patel has given service as a speaker.

All Dieses Removal Camp

There are certain diseases which are frequent among the villagers. They need to be cured. Government has formed and implemented number of health programs. Health facility structure also support people to cure the disease. For curing the diseases one camp was arranged.

Polio Camp

Polio is a dangerous indicator to any society. Government of India has started movement against Polio. We also have got its result. Still at rural level they must be aware with dangerous of polio. Polio Vaccination program has also been started as a movement. Camp was arranged for vaccination. The individuals who already have got the polio were counseled and motivated for better life.

Child Health Check up

Children are the future of nation. They should be healthy. So health check camp for the children was organized by Gramin Vikas Trust. Children were given free vaccination of Hepatitis B. Children of poor people are regularly getting free consultation and treatment. This year also 120 no. of children were medically checked up at different villages of Banaskantha District.

Disability Camp

Gramin Vikas Trust is working with all the segment of the society who are not able to cope up themselves and need external support from out side. Disable people come under such group. Camp for disabled was organized by the organization at regular interval. This year also camp was arranged at Palanpur where 35 no of disables got the guidance. They were informed with the benefits they can get from the Government.

Chlid Labour Nabudi Abhiyan

Child Labour is a socio economical problem of the society and we are responsible for such problem. Children instead of going to school and enjoying childhood are forced to work where they are being exploited in all the ways including physical, mental and economical. Thus to make them free from this vicious life movement has started by the organization. Public lectures and rallies were arranged. People were informed and advised to send their children to school and not to labour work. Many parents understood the reality and promised to send their children to send to schools. Even the employers of the child labours were counseled.

Bio-Gas Plant System Guidance

Renewable energy need to be used more. Bio-Gas plant as a source of energy at village level has proved to be the best. But people do not have that much of information of the source. So one guidance camp for Bio-Gas plant was arranged by Gramin Vikas Trust. Demonstration was also shown to the villagers.

Farmer Guidance Camp

Farmers at different level are facing difficulties for which they are working hard but not getting that much reward due to their illiteracy and ignorance. Government has implemented many programs for their welfare but the farmers at village level are not aware with the same. So guidance camp had organized by Gramin Vikas Trust.

AIDS Guidance Camp

HIV/AIDS is a wide spread issue. For this disease number of misbelieves and misunderstanding common people of the society are having. In number of cases the disease spread due to lack of information and knowledge. Thus to aware the people, camp was arranged. Dr. D.M. Chaudhari had come to give the guidance. HIV+ people were counseled for their better life.

Literacy Abhiyan

Education is essential for better life. Even in 21st century literacy level in India and in Gujarat is low. Government has formed compulsory education law but in rural area even today children due to number of reasons are not taking education. So making the people aware with the importance of education abhiyan was initiated.