Our Story

Gramin Vikas Trust has been Established in the year 2003. At the time I was joined as volunteer in this organization. I had started to give service during that period and done good work in the various fields of Health, Agriculture, Environment, Education, Social development etc. In Year 2007 I became President of Gramin Vikas Trust and started Health Clinic and providing Treatment in Tribal area which was organized by Gramin Vikas Trust, where we have been arrange free basic clinical treatment for the nearby field poor and needy people holding Adiwasi people, so that they can get Treatment and Diagnosis and it has  still continue.

From Gramin Vikas Trust, the clean water facility has providing to the Aanganvadi students, and also distributing sweater in winter season, organized activities in Agriculture, Environment, , Social and economic development activities, so that urban and needy persons obtain additional benefits in this area.

All the activities have been organized and done by Gramin Vikas Trust for social and economical development of  Backward and Tribal area people.

Thus, Through Gramin Vikas Trust from Year 2003 Every persons getting benefits their standard of Life increase economically development so many attempt have been done. As a president of Gramin Vikas Trust  I will say one thing “Certainly that all the benefits available to the all class people and especially I will become competent for other to complete our school and hospital project”